Our company deals in the manufacturing and supplying of high-performance motor-driven Blowers that are specially designed for large-scale industrial buildings and warehouses to reduce heat levels to create better working conditions for workers. These machines are installed with high-speed electric motors to transfer aerodynamically designed fan blades to deliver a large volume of air. They are made up of premium-grade alloyed materials that ensure high durability and robustness. Blowers offered by us require a standard alternating voltage of 220 to 400 volts with a frequency of 50 to 60 Hertz. These units can be delivered to our customers with a minimum order quantity of 1 unit. 

Tube Axial Fan

Tube Axial Fan

Tube Axial Fan is a medium pressure machine that is designed as per the aerodynamic standards to deliver air within large spaces such as factories, warehouses, and many more to lower the temperature to make the situation bearable for workers. The fan assembly is encased in a mild steel enclosure to prevent damages that lead to longer service and less service requirement. Tube Axial Fan availed by us is equipped with a high-performance electric motor to deliver the mechanical power.

Blowers For DC Motor

Centrifugal Blower 1PH & 3PH Single Outlet And Double Outlets


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